This Week in Reconstruction, January 25-31, 1870

Virginia's admission brings good feelings to the state and it is reflected in the writing. Amendments are made to the state's admission, but they do not change much besides the fact that Virginia's representatives need to take oaths before they may join Congress. By midweek, her representatives have been sworn in and Virginia is an official member of the Union again. In the amendments, the rules regarding voting and the rights of office holders are laid out. The Fifteenth Amendment becomes a hot topic due to the issues regarding "negro" voters. Some people fear that Virginia will make an about-face and revoke the Fifteenth Amendment once all the dust has settled. The economic viability of Virginia is going to be an important factor in the coming years. The outlook is promising, and there are multiple plans laid out to create capital in the state. The leaders of these plans aim to create one of the most unique economies in the country with new interest rates that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Charles Simmonds