This Week in Reconstruction, January 8-14, 1867

Impeachment and Radicalism seem to be the main concern of the country in the recent news. Many are noticing the President and his overuse of his veto power. Most bills that come to his office he vetoes within a few days, leaving very little that he signs. Congressmen are creating committees that are now strictly based on trying to reduce the President's power, and if possible, impeach him of his power as President. The Reconstruction Committee of Congress is receiving many new propositions on acts to reduce the President's power including one of the impeachment of Johnson. They do not discuss it as they feel it is too soon to tell if that extent of power is needed. All of this directly leads to the country questioning their decision of voting in so many Radicals into Congress. After the war, people wanted to see a dramatic change, so they voted in the most radical representatives they could vote for in hopes of rapid change. But, now that they have held office for quite some time now, people are realizing that the Radicals are taking Reconstruction to an extent they never wanted. People are growing tired of so many new laws and acts being enacted through Reconstruction and having to deal with an impeachment of their president and other factors. They are starting to believe that electing so many Radicals has had more of a negative contribution than a good one.

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Walker Black