This Week in Reconstruction, February 1-7, 1867

The Impeachment of Johnson is one of the most debated topics in the current Congressional session. James Ashley and Thaddeus Stevens are among the main Congressmen trying to impeach Johnson, accusing him of misusing his power to veto. White Southerners charge that this was hypocritical, as later they tried to Impeach many of civil positions under the oversight of Johnson since they felt they were overpowered under Johnson. This misuse of the Impeaching power evidently led to many Congressmen retracting support for Impeachment and starting to distance themselves from Ashley's actions. Even Stevens tried to back out to cover his own mistake. Johnson progresses without worry of Impeachment and kept on building new plans for Reconstruction of the South. He attempts to place his trust in Southern governors and have each one certify whether the representatives from their state held trust and loyalty. This is Johnson's way of placing his own trust into the South to keep "rebels" out of Congress. Johnson stated, "This plan of admitting loyal representatives would have entirely excluded from Congress the rebel leaders; but would have at once, and, as we believe, without danger to any worthy interest of the country, set the whole machinery in civil government regularly going."

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Walker Black