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April 26, 1871

The Dispatch details the menial improvements made on the James River.

April 26, 1871

There will soon be a celebration for the free bridge between Manchester and Richmond. The Dispatch is excited about the unofficial expansion of Richmond, and wants the next step to be an officially annexation through the government.

April 22, 1871

The Dispatch objects to the passing of the Kuklux law on a federal level, claiming that Congress had no right to overstep their bounds and create and enforce a law that should have been left to the states. If it was left to the states, Virginia would…

April 17, 1871

The Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac railroad will build lines from Fredericksburg to Alexandria. It will go under the name Potomac Railroad Company and also create a line to Georgetown. The Pennsylvania Central Railroad also has plans of building…

April 13, 1871

This is still a time of major hostilities between the North and the South, and the South has to stay on guard to threats from the North. The reporter from the dispatch wishes ill-wills upon those of the north that threatened the liberties of Virginia…

April 10, 1871

Although the Dispatch is critical of the Kuklux Bill, the reporter is glad to know that it is not exclusive to southern states, the target of recent legislation during Reconstruction.

April 10, 1871

According to the Dispatch, the Kuklux bill that is being prepared in Congress is a violation of the Constitution. The bill is attempting to gain control over the 14th Amendment and be will be used for broader purposes that takes rights away from the…

April 4, 1871

Another Kuklux bill is in the process of getting passed that would hold government officials accountable for protecting people against the Kuklux when necessary.

April 3, 1871

The Kuklux Bill is at the forefront of issues in Congress, and will occupy Congress for at least a week. The motion, which Republicans agree with, will probably pass, according to the Dispatch.

March 31, 1871

A northern newspaper calls Fredrick Douglas better than many white men, and the Dispatch takes great offense to it.
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