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  • Collection: This Week in Reconstruction, January 15-20, 1866

January 31, 1866

A bill allowing females to work as clerks in Virginia unanimously passed after fierce debate among local politicians.

January 30, 1866

The Freedmen's Bureau receives "gratifying" news of freedmen entering contracts with whites across the South.

January 29, 1866

The Dispatch responds to a New York Tribune article that criticizes the Virginia Vagrant law.

January 27, 1866

Virginians criticize the "child-like" Alexandrians trying to leave Virginia and become part of the District of Columbia.

January 26, 1866

A revised African American Evidence bill passes through the Senate.

January 25, 1866

Arguments surround a bill guaranteeing the admission of African American evidence in courts of law.

January 25, 1866

Congress takes up a bill defining fair labor contracts between whites and African Americans.

January 24, 1866

A bill authorizing women to work as clerks fails to pass through Virginia legislature.

January 24, 1866

Virginia legislature to amend a bill removing laws in relation to slavery and pertaining to the admission of evidence by African Americans.
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