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December 15, 1870

In response to an article in the Petersburg Index, the Daily Dispatch wants everyone to know that they have no fears about the future of the Conservative party in Richmond. Not only that, but it is believed by many Conservatives that theirs will be…

January 1, 1869

The government should help provide money for the city.It will be impossible to assume the responsibility to help the poor because of the heavy taxation.

October 14, 1870

In response to a New York Times article empowering African-Americans against those whites who have "shown by word or deed since 1865 this cruel and ungodly pride," The Daily Dispatch has a different solution for African-Americans. The article urges…

April 11, 1868

General Meade's extermination efforts of the K. K. K. are misdirected and unfounded. Meade should not be hunting the K. K. K. who supposedly have "no good purpose" and have not been proven guilty yet. His efforts should instead be aimed at the…

September 2, 1867

Discharged black soldiers are able to return to the north where they have much more freedom than the blacks in the south.

February 17, 1869

Debate in government about whether or not to allow the Chinese to vote. Shows the hypocrisy when a man who is a proponent of universal manhood suffrage advocates for not allowing the Chinese to vote.

April 23, 1866

Tensions between the North and South continue to escalate, as the New York News calls out the "barbarism" of Southern society.

May 18, 1869

The Constitution has been published to the public. The editor believes it is imperative to pass the Constitution and vote against the disenfranchising and disqualifying clauses.

July 11, 1870

The Radical members of Congress are acting like blind followers of their leaders and ratifying amendments without truly thinking of their consequences. Additionally, the allowing of states to withdrawal their support from various bills or repeal a…

August 26, 1867

The Dispatch comments on The New York Tribune's newest article that states that President Johnson created a disruption by removing General Sheridan.They state that the Republican party will be angry and make "war" in Congress because Sheridan's…
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