New Radical Nominations

October 8, 1868


The Dispatch quotes a Virginian politicians who warns the citizens of Virginia that through corruption and sleazy methods, the "carpet baggers" are trying to fill these vacancies and that the people of Virginia should be on their guard.


New Radical Nominations.- Hunnicutt is out for another Radical Convention to make now nominations for State officers. The postponement of the election, he contends, vacate, the nominations. Having intimated that the nominations already made were the result of fraud, he warns the people, in the next convention, to " beware of " political tricksters, wire-working demogogues, and men who have nothing to recommend them to the claims or confidence of the people." These are the "carpet-baggers," headed by the "gentleman from Michigan." As if still farther to rebuke the impudent pretensions of these people, Hunnicutt nays : " Virginia needs " statesmen - men of wisdom and experience, men of prudence and great discretion." The recital would have been more apposite if it had contained " honesty " as an important qualification along with the others.
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