Radical Justice to White Men

October 9, 1868


The Dispatch is outraged by immigrant restrictions. Their logic is how can a black person get more rights while a white person has less. They refer to it as discrimination and say that the Radicals will pay in the future


Radical Justice to White Men. The Radicals of the North are endeavoring to restrict the rights of white men, while they are doing all they can to enlarge those of the negro. Fearing that foreigners will vote against them, they are endeavoring to intimidate them from becoming naturalized. In Pennsylvania the most active measures are taken by the Radicals to dog the steps of the foreigner and deprive him of that right which they have conferred upon the corn-field negro. This marked discrimination against the whites will sooner or later recoil fearfully upon the Radicals. The party itself cannot in the natural course of things.long exist. As a party organization it will die out ; but the leaders will not be forgotten. They cannot hide from the " wrath to come."
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“Radical Justice to White Men,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed December 15, 2019, http://reconstructingvirginia.richmond.edu/items/show/1149.