Judge Chase

November 30, 1868


The Dispatch reports on the ongoings of the Jefferson Davis case which is (to the papersdelight) looking more and more favorable for the former leader of the Confederacy.Much of this is thanks to the rulings of one Judge Chase (who The Dispatch gives muchpraise).


Judge Chase's Order. - The very proper and wise order made by Judge Chase in theUnited States Circuit Court in this city relieving jurors from the iron-clad oath has beenfavorably received by leading Radical organs of the North. The New York Times Bays "the general judgment of " the public will approve this action and regard it as theharbinger of peace." Per contra, Forney is very much disgusted with the course of theChief Justice, and declares that it is the first step towards the acquittal of Mr. Davis.There could be no better attestation of the propriety and justice of the act than itsdenunciation by Forney. The Chief Justice ought to be profoundly obliged to him.
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