Testimony of a Northern Man

February 15, 1869


A Northerner combats stereotypes about not being welcome in the South.


Testimony of a Northern Man. - A northern man who has been travelling in Virginia writes to the Buffalo Commercial: I have talked with a great many men, of all classes, and they all assure me that a northern man will always be welcome. Indeed, if I may judge from my own reception, my testimony will add strength to the assertion. I have found that the simple introduction as a " Yankee " or " carpet-bag-ger " has been a recommendation to their hospitality. So far from a northerner being in any danger here, I feel safer than I did in Buffalo, for there are no"canalers" here to garrote a man in the streets before dark ; and I have travelled alone, on foot and on horseback by night and by day, through the country here, and have met with nothing but kindness as yet. Nor have my opinions ever given offence. My friends all know that I am an outspoken Republican - and I speak here as freely as I did at home- and, although we may argue and dispute on political questions, and particularly on the relative military ability of northern and southern generals, yet there is no soreness or hard-feeling manifested.
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