A Distinguished Radical Pronounces the Government a Failure

March 19, 1869


Senator Sprague, a radical, compares America to Great Britain in terms of education, liberty, and refinements in life. He states that all America has is its cotton and tobacco both of which will eventually be lost.


A Distinguished Radical Pronounces The Government a Failure.- If I should say to anybody that it is my deliberate judgement that this Government has failed in the object that it was intended by its projectors to secure I suppose I should be scouted at. But, sir, when I compare the situation of this country to day with the situation of that country from whence we sprung, I find that not only in capital, but in general intelligence, in education, in liberty among the people, they far exceed the privileges and the power of the people of this country. They are increasing in a ratio which is most astounding in education and in all the refinements of life, as the statistics show. And where are we ? All we have to help ourselves in the world is our cotton, which we are about to lose, and our tobacco, which we shall lose. Senator Sprague.
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