A Colored Convention

May 7, 1869


This article was written by a black man. They are calling for a Colored Convention in Richmond and Virginia on May 27th, similar to the Convention the Conservatives held.


A Colored Convention.--The following address has been issued by the negroes of this city: " To the Colored Men of Virginia: Bre-three,--After mature deliberation, a mass meeting of the colored men of Richmond was held on the 5th day of May, 1869. It was voted unanimously to issue a call for a convention of the colored men of the State, to be held in Richmond on the 27th day of May, 1869. "The total exclusion of colored citizens from any position of trust or profit, and from the jury-box especially, demands and ought to receive the consideration of every colored man within the State. "Whatever other subjects you may deem of sufficient importance to bring before the Convention, this exclusion, brethren, is the all absorbing question of the present, and must call forth our earnest action by petition, by personal action, by protest, and by what votes we have, until justice is done. The right secured of voting, irrespective of color, will necessarily restore to us other rights of which wo are now deprived. We therefore cordially and respectfully Invite you from every part of the State to meet in Richmond (by delegates) on the day specified to consult upon the issues at present afflicting us--politically, financially, and socially. Justice to ourselves can be no injustice to any. 44 Josith Cox, Chairman. 44 William 27. Lester, Secretary." A committee to make the necessary arrangements for the convention has been appointed, as follows : Joseph Cox, William H. Lester, Lewis Lindsey, Cornelius Harris, Rev. William Troy, Rev. James Fuller, Alpheus Roper, Peter Mathews, William Isam, W. J. P. Bowe, Robert L. Hobson. Henrico County Court.
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