A New View of the Fifteenth Amendment.

January 29, 1870


The discussion of equal voting rights for whites and blacks comes up because of the ratification process for the Fifteenth Amendment.


The moment the ratification of the fifteenth amendment is completed, it will become a part of the Constitution. The moment it becomes a part of the Constitution it will render null and void any existing law that may be inconsistent with itself. Now under this amendment, every State will have the right to require any qualification in a negro voter which is also required in a white one. It follows inevitably that the moment this amendment becomes a part of the Constitution, all that part of the act admitting Virginia to representation in Congress which is inconsistent with the amendment, will be at once done away with and be as if it had never been. This we lay down as certainly true. Nevertheless, the people of Virginia will not be likely to avail themselves of the right which they will thus acquire.
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“A New View of the Fifteenth Amendment.,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed December 12, 2018, http://reconstructingvirginia.richmond.edu/items/show/1583.