The Richmond Municipal Troubles.

April 6, 1870


The Richmond troubles between Chahoon and Ellyson may warrant martial law and a militaristic response from the Federal government.


General Canby has submitted a statement of the municipal difficulties and the threatening of collision in Richmond to General Sherman and the Secretary of War, and the latter submitted the matter to the Attorney-General to know how far it would be proper for the military to interfere in the matter, or whether it would be proper to interfere at all. At the Cabinet meeting to-day the subject was discussed, and the Attorney-General gave his opinion, the exact purport of which has not transpired, but the Secretary of War states that he will at present give no order in the matter. Since the meeting of the Cabinet it has been brought to the notice of the Attorney General and the Secretary of War that the Richmond municipal controversy will be the subject of judicial inquiry by Chief Justice Chase at chambers on Thursday next, and no action will be taken by the Secretary of War until the decision of Chief Justice Chase shall be announced.
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