Supervisors in Townships

May 20, 1870


The role of supervisors is to audit, examine books, regulate property, and perform other prescribed duties as indicated by the law and that is it. The candidates for this position must be strong in these tasks and voting groups must not be swayed in their decisions based on published fallacies. Therefore the Conservatives are clearly the correct choice when voting.


Supervisors In Townships. That our readers may clearly understand the duties of township supervisors, we publish the following extract from the new Constitution: "In each township there shall be elected annually one supervisor. * * * * The supervisors of each township shall constitute the Board of Supervisors for that county, and shall assemble at the courthouse thereof on the first Monday in December in each year, and proceed to audit the accounts of said county, examine the books of the assessors, regulate and equalize the value of property, fix the county levies for the ensuing year, apportion the same among the various townships, and perform such other duties as shall be prescribed by law." Designing men, for selfish purposes, are endeavoring to make the German voters of Henrico county believe that if the Conservative candidate in Fairfield township is elected he will close their beer saloons and pleasure gardens on the Sabbath, and thus interfere with their private rights and enjoyments, because he is a member of a Protestant church. The authors of this slander know they speak falsely, and that the supervisor will have no more power to interfere with the business or pleasures of our German friends than any other citizen. The Constitution clearly defines his duties, and beyond those he could not go if he wouldhe would not go if he could. Supervisors are to audit the accounts of the county, examine the books of the assessors, regulate and equalize the value of propertv, fix the county levies, apportion the same among the various townships, and "perform such other duties as shall be prescribed by law," and here their labors end. We cannot believe that any portion of our German citizens will be gulled into Radical support by such unfounded statements as some of the cross-road politicians are making for personal reasons, or that they will, in an hour like this, desert the great body of whites, who are striving to secure the best men for township officers, and throw themselves into the arms of the Ignorant colored party, now being led to ruin by a few unprincipled and ambitious tricksters. The county needs the services of her best and most experienced citizens in organizing townships, and every taxpayer should aid in securing such agents as will do equal justice to all classes.
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