Conservative Confrence

January 17, 1871


The legislature agreed to reduce the number of senatorial districts and delegates as well as rearranging districts when necessary.


The Conservative members of the Legislature caucused last night. Mr. Hanger, of Augusta, chairman of the committee of twenty-four, reported the action of that committee affirming the right of the Legislature to reduce the Senatorial districts "reasonably," and also its right to increase or diminish the number of the Senators and Delegates, lie advocated the confirmation of the report. Mr. Guy, of Richmond, offered as a substitute a resolution setting forth that the Legislature has the power to change the number of Senators and Delegates: to reduce the number of Senatorial districts, and rearrange the counties, cities, and towns into districts, and that for this purpose the committee is authorized to report a plan for such rearrangement, and also what provisions for a general election are necessary for carrying out the plan. Mr. Guy's substitute was adopted, and the caucus adjourned, the committee of twenty-four still being in secret session.
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