The Radicals Alarmed

August 30, 1866


Radicals are alarmed at the possibility of a political revolution in New York. Despite Radical views on most issues, media expects the state to allow for admission of more Conservative representatives.


The Radicals are more alarmed at the prospect of a political revolution in the Empire State than by any other indications of the day. Prominent politicians from Pennsylvania are here, who express confidence in the election of Clymer as Governor, and they claim a gain in the congressional representations notwithstanding the Radical gerrymandering of districts. Intelligence from West Virginia and Illinois is decidedly favorable to conservative gains in the representation of those States. Discreet Radicals begin to look to the effects of a prolonged and irritating sectional and party struggle upon the public peace, and consequently upon the public credit, and advise, as the New York Evening Post does, that in the elections for Congress men, who though radical upon their issues, shall be chosen who will admit southern loyal representatives at once.
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“The Radicals Alarmed,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed December 11, 2018,