Reconstruction in Sight

March 13, 1867


Mr. Boutwell of Massachusetts states that the Constitutions of the states will be organized to help the citizens of the state solely. Congress will be approached with these Constitutions, and they must realize this fact when granting admission of the State.


A significant acknowledgment was made yesterday, even by so determined an ultraist as Mr. Boutwell, of Massachusetts, which ought not' to escape the attention of the people of the South. Replying to Mr. Bingham's reminder that the constitutions adopted by the southern people would still have to come before Congress for acceptance, he declared that "Congress would be under the irresistible pressure to accept any constitution so adopted as the work of the people of the State." This was urged by Mr. Boutwell as a reason for having the preliminaries so arranged that no needless question should be raised in Congress subsequently about the admission of a State.
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