The Importance of Registering

June 3, 1867


With the new government under Reconstruction, each district will be given representative seats based on the number of current registered voters.Everyone needs to register to vote in order to give their area as many seats as possible.


The Importance of Registering. Zeph. Turner, Esq., has witten a letter upon the importance of registering. After mentioning that General Schofield will apportion representation in the convention according to the number of voters registered, he says: "The returns of the commissioners of the revenue made to the Auditor for 1866 show that there were in the State last year: adult whites, 131,080; adult blacks, 76,030; in all, 207,110. This divided by 104 would make the basis of representation for one member of the convention about 2,000 votes." The same returns show Richmond to be entitled to three delegates, Albemarle to two and a half, Amherst to one and a half, (the two can elect four); Appomattox to hardly one, Bedford to two and a half, Botetourt to two, Buckingham to one and a half, Campbell the same, Charlotte the same, Carroll to less than one, Craig to one-fourth, Cumberland to not quite one, Floyd to two-thirds, Franklin to one and two-thirds, Halifax to three, Henry to one, Lee to one, Montgomery to one, Nelson to one, Pittsylvania to two and a half, Prince Edward to one, &c., &c. These figures will be very much changed, however, by the returns of the registers; and we refer to them merely to enforce Mr. Turner's views. As to the result of the elections, Mr. Turner makes the following pointed and sensible remarks: "The aggregate returns of the Commissioners show a white majority in the State of 55,000. Deduct from this 10,000 for disfranchised citizens - and I think this greatly exceeds the number - and it leaves at least 45,000 majority of white voters. "If the white voters, with this very large majority in their favor, permit the State government to pass under the control of the pestilent set who are now so earnestly seeking to gain possession of it, l have only to say that, in my best judgment, they will most richly merit their fate."
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“The Importance of Registering,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed February 19, 2019,