How it Works.

January 10, 1868


Black Richmonders are bound to the city of Richmond if they wish to keep their votes. The black population in Richmond is incredibly high compared to before the end of slavery.


How it Works.-Hunnicutt advises the negroes not to engage with any person to go to work at any place whereby they will lose their vote-that is, if they registered in Richmond they must remain here so as to retain the privilege of voting, even should they be without work all the time. The poor deluded victims of his ambition follow the selfish advice which he gives them. Now, the practical working of this is, that the negroes will not make contracts to go to the country, where they are wanted, and where good wages and comfortable accommodations await them, but remain here in large numbers; and the records of the Mayor's Court show the result. It is known that a large number of negroes came from the adjoining counties to register, and, not wishing to lose their votes, they remain here, filling up our already overcrowded city; and consequently there are more negroes here than at any previous period since they obtained their freedom.
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“How it Works.,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed July 17, 2018,