The Situation

January 23, 1868


The Radical party has created an army of black Richmonders in the South. This black army is supposedly at the command of the Radicals as they have been brainwashed by the devilish Radicals. Honest white Virginians on the other hand continue to suffer and are forced to pay taxes.


The "Situation." The Radical party is carrying on a war not a bloody war as yet, though they hesitate not to say that they will make it so if that be necessary to their success. They have organized an army of negroes in the South, and, through the leagues, have them drilled and embodied. This army has been thus organized, and is maintained at the public expense-by the wasteful appropriation of millions of money wrung from the hard earnings of a people groaning under the weight of taxation. This horde are organized as minute men-can be summoned in an instant-are very much in garrison: by their leagues-are demoralized as laborers, and are fed out of the National Treasury! Such is the embodied host that is to fight the Radical war against the Constitution, against the whites, and against the welfare and dignity of the nation-such the manner of supporting it. Can a war so conducted, and with such a race, finally succeed? Never! Never!
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