The President

March 25, 1868


Two of Ms. Stover's, one of Johnson's daughters, children who attend school in Richmond reported to their teacher that they were not going to school anymore. The reason is that their Grandpa, President Johnson, said that they are moving back to Tennessee in April. This indicates Johnson plans on resigning.


The President's Intention to Resign. A few days ago a lady teacher in the city here, who has among her pupils two little daughters of Mrs. Stover, who, it will be remembered, is a daughter of President Johnson, requested each of her pupils to ascertain at home whether they would continue in her school the next quarter, which commences again within a couple of weeks. The little Misses Stover returned the next day, and promptly told the lady that they were not coming to school any more. When questioned as to the reason they, with child-like simplicity, said : " Grandpa says we are going to move back to Tennessee in April! " " I shall insist," says Mr. Bingham, " if the President transmit his resignation to the Senate, properly certified by the Secretary of State, that the Board of Managers be at once instructed by the House of Representatives to discontinue all proceedings against the President, and that they be discharged from all further consideration of the subject." In this view Mr. Wilson concurred.-Mick-Cincinnati Commercial.
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