Time and Labor Wasted

April 15, 1868


The work of the Virginia Convention is as good as useless. Virginians cannot wait to reject and tear down the Constitution created by the scalawags when given the chance.


Time and Labor Wasted. The bogus Convention on yesterday undertook to provide that the Constitution of the State, if ratified, shall hereafter be changed only in a prescribed mode. This attempt will be futile. If one Legislature provides that a certain law shall be irrepealable, the next repeals the law if it before the day, of Blackstone, and is so well understood now-a-days that no Legislature ever undertakes the impossible task of making its own enactments perpetually binding. The same rule holds good as to State conventions and constitutions. One convention has as much power as another, and can therefore undo whatever was done by its predecessor. The Radical asses who made a constitution for Maryland during the war inserted in it a provision that it should be altered only in a given manner. But the moment the people were relieved from military rule they trampled the whole constitution under foot ; the limiting section going, of course, with the rest. So it will be in Virginia. If the scallawags were to provide that the Constitution should not be altered for a hundred years, the people would, nevertheless, have the unquestionable right to alter it next year. Hence we have no earthly objection to their doing anything of the sort that may suit their crude and ignorant notions. "Whenever we choose to do so, we shall abolish their Constitution. Their prohibitions will be of no more value than the blue laws of Connecticut, or their resolution authorizing a committee to call them together again. We will only add that their work has yet to be passed upon at the ballot-box, and will there be rejected.
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