This Week in Reconstruction, May 1-7, 1868

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This Week in Reconstruction, May 1-7, 1868


May 1-7 of 1868 was a very chaotic time for Virginia and National Reconstruction. The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson dominated the National news while the Conservative State Conventions and "negroes" gaining the right to vote consumed the local and state news. During this period of Virginia Reconstruction, there was a significant upheaval in the removal of ex-confederate, conservative officers being replaced with new, Republican officers. With Radical Reconstruction far underway, there was a large uptick in troops with 2,000 sent to Virginia on May 2. The Radical Republican control of Virginia lead to multiple appointments of "negro" candidates gaining political power. This week was also a chaotic time for the courts as the Sally Anderson case was underway, which was a case about a "negro" being charged unjustly by men you pledged allegiance to the Confederacy, and there was an important discussion as to whether "negroes" should serve jury duty. All of this chaos led to a common displeasure towards Mayor Mayo. This led to a "Rare Scene" on May 7 where men, women, black, white, and other nationalities all joined in the Capital to voice their displeasures to the Mayor.


May 1-7, 1868


Joshua Hurlburt