This Week in Reconstruction, May 26-31, 1868

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This Week in Reconstruction, May 26-31, 1868


There are complications on the local level with collecting taxes from African Americans as they are unable to pay in the article "Negroes and Taxes" on May 29. Two suspected African American men murdered of an African American woman. This shows that while the African Americans might be unified under a same cause for their rights as citizens, there is still crime within the black community. Dr. Manly, a pastor, gave a speech on May 30 to convince the northerners that the Virginians should be able to govern themselves because it is in their best interest for the local black community to thrive, whereas the northerners in office do not care about the local communities. On the national level, there is another wave of military troops sent throughout Virginia and the south, and the impeachment trial ended causing chaos within the Radical party as some of the more moderate Republicans voted against impeaching the President. Now that the impeachment trial is over the Jefferson Davis trial will commence. In an article named "Amnesty Indeed!" on May 28, the northerners are offering the southerners a right to vote if they vote for the Republican party. There's a question as to whether this is legal or not, and there is a huge backlash in the southern states that they will not accept this agreement as they have more integrity than to sign their vote away.


May 26-31, 1868


Joshua Hurlburt