This Week in Reconstruction, July 8-14, 1868

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This Week in Reconstruction, July 8-14, 1868


The Radicals have infringed on our basic fundamental rights yet again. The first amendment protects the right to speech. This includes a free and independent press, but the Radicals have violated this right by withdrawing "a large amount of Government advertising - we have heard $8,000 worth - has been withdrawn from him and sent to the carpet-bag organ called the Journal, at Alexandria." This favoritism is meant to drive Hunnicutt's newspaper out of business to make room for the more pro-Radical newspapers in the area. While Hunnicutt is not a clear cut Conservative, he "is a far better man than any of the scabby tribe of carpet-baggers". This unjust crime speaks volumes to the Radicals stance on one of the pillars of a successful Democracy. Without a free and independent press, who will keep the government in check when they overstep their boundaries. Without criticism, a man may never know right from wrong, and if that man has the power of the United States Government, the consequences could be disastrous.


July 8-14, 1868


Joshua Hurlburt