This Week in Reconstruction, July 15-22, 1868

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This Week in Reconstruction, July 15-22, 1868


The carpet-baggers refuse to relinquish control of the South. Yet again, the carpet-baggers are using unconstitutional methods to stay in power. Even with these unconstitutional bills put in Congress that have been vetoed by the President, the carpet-baggers are still losing control in the Southern states. It is embarrassing to have the Freedom caucus' support and not have a severe majority of the population against your party not voting due to disenfranchisements, but yet still lose in states like Mississippi. How low are these dirty carpet-baggers willing to go to keep power in a state where they aren't invested in the citizens but merely the economic and political opportunities? This question is one that has yet to be answered, and there doesn't seem to be an answer coming anytime soon.


July 15-22, 1868


Joshua Hurlburt