This Week in Reconstruction, March 26-31, 1866

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This Week in Reconstruction, March 26-31, 1866


The Dispatch anticipates the veto of the proposed Civil Rights bill that makes its way through the Houses. The Dispatch also praises Johnson for extraordinary allegiance and loyalty to the people of the United States. The editors of the Dispatch commend Johnson for his "sensible and patriotic address" and for his decision to veto the bill. Meanwhile, the Radicals appear to "muster all their strength" in order to provide a show of power in the Senate even though the bill will certainly fail. Southern farmers find themselves in trouble as their preferred source of labor, freedmen, move to cities to find new jobs. The farmers cite the end of slavery for their economic troubles and criticize northerners for their ignorance towards Southern needs.


March 26-31, 1866


Justin Barlow