This Week in Reconstruction, May 1-8, 1869

Throughout Virginia, distaste for Governor Wells is aflame. Virginians accuse Governor Wells of being untrustworthy and "disgracing" his appointment--claiming he is simply grappling for power and influence rather than improving the commonwealth of Virginia. They accuse "carpetbaggers" of attempting to fix the election to keep Governor Wells in power and Walker out of office. White Virginians' hatred for Wells grows because they want white supremacy to prevail and Wells is a challenge to their historic dominance. Many argued that if all white, male Virginians were on the same voting bloc, they could carry the election. They say that it is "better to be united than right," urging people to be patriots of Virginia. Additionally, they argue that they could occupationally blackmail black men into voting for the "right" side

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Ali O'Hara