This Week in Reconstruction, August 22-31, 1869

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This Week in Reconstruction, August 22-31, 1869


Northerners and Southerners have both called for the end of Reconstruction. Governor Palmer of Illinois delivered a compelling speech, and he called for the "restoration of peace and harmony amongst the people." The people of the United States of America are tired of existing in this unending wartime. Many have lost sons and husbands; the people desire peace. The Republican and Conservative party both are "compelled to abandon the exciting issues and rancors engendered by the war and fall back upon the practical questions affecting the real interest of the nation-its present peace and thrift, and its future growth and power." The southern states should be readmitted into the Union. This reunion is our path to progress.


August 22-31, 1869


Ali O'Hara