This Week in Reconstruction, October 15-21, 1869

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This Week in Reconstruction, October 15-21, 1869


The Virginia Senatorial election is approaching. Rumors have surfaced that the Wells Radicals and the Walker True Republicans are forming a coalition in order to gain a majority in the General Assembly in hopes of electing Lieutenant Governor Lewis or Franklin Stearns. The Dispatch, who regularly disagrees with both, approves of their choice of candidates stating, "If the Radicals are willing to unite on them, they have more sense and patriotism than we had given them credit for." However, the two most prominent names being thrown around for Senator are Franklin Stearns and John S. Pendleton. The pool of candidates narrows as it is clear Legislature will only consider those who can take the iron-clad. The General Assembly elects Lieutenant-Governor Lewis and Judge Johnston, each controversial but both able to take the iron-clad. The Dispatch believes Legislature acted wisely and was met "the warm commendation of the President."


October 15-21, 1869


Jermaine Reynolds