This Week in Reconstruction, November 22-30, 1869

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This Week in Reconstruction, November 22-30, 1869


Attorney General Hoar believes Congress doesn't have the power to move the Capital. He also "cannot see what that has to do with the question," and attacks the Republicans respect for the Constitution. "And it has, therefore, been a matter of constant wonder to us that the Republicans should be so anxious to put new provisions into a Constitution which they themselves have proved to be of no binding force upon Congress." A committee of Conservative members of Legislature have headed to Washington to urge congress to admit the State. The Dispatch believes anything left in the way of the admission of Virginia can be easily moved. In Cumberland, a part of Reconstruction District 1 along with Richmond, an era of colored justices is ushered in with no protest. The Dispatch cries out, "Poor old free State of Cumberland." However, to the surprise of Richmonders, The Dispatch defends "negroes" from the New York Tribune, crediting them as hardworking. "They are the best laboring class in the world for some reasons" The Dispatch even goes as far as blaming the institution of slavery for some of the characteristics held by blacks that many white southerners frown upon.


November 22-30, 1869


Jermaine Reynolds