This Week in Reconstruction, December 1-7, 1869

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This Week in Reconstruction, December 1-7, 1869


Governor Walker gives his word no works of the Radicals will get in the way of readmission. The committee appointed by the Conservative members of the Legislature, to urge the admission of the State, will make sure of this. The Dispatch draws upon other papers concerning the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, papers familiar with the capitalist who have acquired the road. It is projected that the road will be completed in two years. A group of men plan on establishing trade waterways from Richmond to New York with the help of Captain S. Alexander. This idea was proposed in 1868 but without "energetic and persistent" effort to keep it afloat, it sunk. The National Board of Trade on Saturday evening, by a vote of fifty-one to fifteen, "adopted the proposition recommending: the grand central water-line to the assistance and patronage of the Government." The proposition with help the city of Richmond incite economic development through trade. The Dispatch believes the banquet given by the Chamber of Commerce was one of the best events to take place in Richmond. A celebration on the dawn of admittance into the Union. The guest there are all heavily involved in commerce and trade and have the best interest of Virginia at heart.


December 1-7, 1869


Jermaine Reynolds