This Week in Reconstruction, December 8-14, 1869

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This Week in Reconstruction, December 8-14, 1869


The National Board of Trade Meeting taking place in Richmond was a "fortunate event for this city." The manner of Virginians was surprising to many of the visiting Northerners. The Dispatch claims Southerners presented their true selves. The Dispatch assures the end of Reconstruction and admission is only a matter of days. However, the Legislature committee pushes the subject of admission back a few days. Disorganizers successfully delayed the process. The Dispatch realizes the delay won't be long. Virginia not only wants admission, but also wants equality amongst other states within the Union. This equality is something both parties and citizens of Virginia ought to agree upon considering the growth and wealth it can bring to the state. The Dispatch quotes the New York Times regarding disabilities, which is suppose to indicate Grant's opinion. "The test-oath and disability legislation of Congress, like its reconstruction legislation, was of a temporary character, designed for a specific end." When Reconstruction ends, disabilities should end as well.


December 8-14, 1869


Jermaine Reynolds