This Week in Reconstruction, January 17-24, 1870

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This Week in Reconstruction, January 17-24, 1870


"Colored people" are leaving Virginia for better opportunities further south. Some are even making it all the way to the Gulf States for their new jobs, many of them working on the new railroad systems. At the beginning of the week, Congress is trying to finish up the last few arguments between senators so a final vote on Virginia's admission can be taken. However, many senators, led by Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, are vehemently fighting it and doing a good job of blocking the process. With its long speeches, Congress runs out of time each day and must adjourn, pushing the vote another day. After more than a week of hearing lengthy arguments about nothing, many senators start to lean towards Virginia's side and become more sympathetic to her admission. The vote to admit Virginia is taken on January 20th, and she is allowed back into the Union. The opposed senators, however, are not done with trying to block the process and swear to propose a multitude of amendments to further postpone the official admittance to Congress of Virginia's representatives.


January 17-24, 1870


Charles Simmonds