This Week in Reconstruction, April 1-15, 1870

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This Week in Reconstruction, April 1-15, 1870


The Municipal War between Chahoon and Ellyson is heating up. The court is attempting to remove Chahoon from his office and from all city property. He refuses to comply. When a posse led by Chahoon tries to remove Ellyson from the mayor's office, they are kicked out by Ellyson's police force. Ellyson continues his mayoralty as usual. The case reaches the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Chase for a decision. The constitutionality of different events is discussed in his courtroom, and Chase comes to Richmond to preside over the Court of Appeals where the initial decisions were all handed down. Railroads are still important to the economy of Virginia, and a road that will benefit the State has finally been approved. The railroad connects the markets of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys to the tidewaters of Virginia so the exportation of minerals and other commodities can be expedited.


April 1-15, 1870


Charles Simmonds