This Week in Reconstruction, April 16-30, 1870

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This Week in Reconstruction, April 16-30, 1870


The Ellyson-Chahoon case is finally coming to a close. Mr. Daniels and General Wells argue their respective points in court, as well as Governor Wise and Mr. Neeson making their last arguments before the final decision is to be made by Chief Justice Chase. Chase comes all the way from D.C. for this hearing and will make his ruling on April 27, 1870. Hundreds of people flock to the Capitol to cram into the Court of Appeals to hear this momentous decision. Unfortunately, disaster strikes before the ruling can be made, and the entire court collapses into the House of Delegates below, killing dozens and wounding hundreds in the process. There is a day of mourning and recuperation for the city, but the ruling is finally handed down on April 29. Chief Justice Chase decides that Ellyson is the rightful mayor of the City of Richmond. Chahoon was an appointee of General Canby's rule during Reconstruction, and as such when it ended, so too did his power.


April 16-30, 1870


Charles Simmonds