This Week in Reconstruction, August 15-20, 1870

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This Week in Reconstruction, August 15-20, 1870


After the Civil War the city of Richmond has experienced a surge of growth resulting from the increase in agriculture, commercial industry, infrastructure additions, and improvements to the city's overall maintenance. Small farms are prevalent, manufacturing is successful, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad is complete, and the steamship industry has expanded. Furthermore, Richmond's geographic location along the James River, while inhibiting to expansion of the city's literal borders, facilitates commerce and connection to the city of Manchester by way of bridges and road railways. This access to other cities and transportation is significant and supports the realization of the state's economic growth goal. However, there is still much to be done to reach Richmond's full potential. Future plans to increase industry include building a wharf, erecting bridges across the James, and expanding rail lines. The faster these improvements are embraced and additional improvements implemented, the more raw materials and agricultural products can be brought to market and manufactured goods traded and transported and Richmond achieve "her day of prosperity."


August 15-20, 1870


Bryce Smith