Riots in the Streets, September 1-10, 1870

Dublin Core


Riots in the Streets, September 1-10, 1870


The citizens of Richmond are assembling, but for all the wrong reasons. White southerners and black southerners are congregating with their race, not for the purpose of peace and discussion, but rather to riot. On three separate occasions - September 1st, 2nd, and 7th - Richmond was engulfed by the passion of its citizens. After weeks of closed meetings, many black residents have come together to riot in defense of their riots, however, the white southerner editors of The Daily Dispatch seem to think this gathering is finds its purpose in the "utter extermination of the whites, both young and old." The black community is not the only one rioting in defense of itself, as the white community finds itself in a similar situation. After an attempted kidnapping of a woman late at night, the white community has lashed out - search parties have come together to find the individual, while riots have ensued out of pure anger toward the attempted outrage.


September 1-10, 1870


Travis Terry