A True Tragedy for All, September 11-17, 1870

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A True Tragedy for All, September 11-17, 1870


Justice - as some may call it - has been served to four of the five black men who were convicted of the murder of Joel Gray. The enactment of this "justice", by way of public execution, was observed by "the assemblage of [what] could not have been less than two thousand of all races, sexes, color, and conditions of people." While the white community felt a sense of gratification and satisfaction that the law was vindicated and the lost of life an esteemed citizen avenged, the black community was infuriated by the public execution of four of their brethren. However, news does not get better for the black community. After spending over a year in jail, an eighty-year-old African American man has been sentenced to ten lashings for stealing a piece of rope that he would not have been able to steal. While news of this did incite the rage of the black community, white southerners surprisingly expressed their disdain for the situation as well.


September 11-17, 1870


Travis Terry