The Groundwork, September 18-24, 1870

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The Groundwork, September 18-24, 1870


While the actual election may be a ways off in the distance, it does not mean it is not in the minds of the community. Both the Conservatives and the Radicals have come together and announced their nominations for the upcoming elections, with the Radicals nominating an African-American man. Not only were nominations announced, but also the platforms for each party were given, with the Radicals sharing a particularly "subtle and deceitful" platform, as The Daily Dispatch calls it. Both parties have begun to call the people of Richmond together, to vote in unison - particularly for the Conservatives - in order to build on the successes of the previous election. Nonetheless, this news has lain the groundwork for what may turn out to be an intriguing election in only a few short months.


September 18-24, 1870


Travis Terry