Progression of the Railroads, September 25-30, 1870

Dublin Core


Progression of the Railroads, September 25-30, 1870


Railroads have been making steady progress. This progress comes not only in the form of tracks being laid, but also in the form of public support. As each day passes, the citizens of Richmond become increasingly in favor of the railroads. While there are advocates speaking out about the economic and social benefits Richmond will obtain, they are not the only ones speaking out. Many are complaining about the inadequacy of the workers on lines already up, as well as the lack of information available to riders about upcoming stops, causing them to miss their intended stops. With both sides steadily growing in numbers, and the popularity of the railroad system exponentially increasing, the progression of the southern, and more specifically Virginian, railroad system is something worth keeping and eye on.


September 25-30, 1870


Travis Terry