This Week in Reconstruction, June 8-16, 1866

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, June 8-16, 1866


Johnson announces that the only route for Reconstruction to be completed is through peace and avoiding re-opening the wounds of war. Johnson continues to oppose the dominant Republican party of Congress; they claim to aid blacks, he charges, but in fact in their own interests. Johnson believes the Radicals are aware that the adoption of their policies will result in an everlasting feud between the North and South. Radicals decide to take matters into their own hands, intending to exclude Johnson from approving the new constitutional amendment. Virginia freedmen make a special request to increase military protection, claiming their need for safeguards against former masters. Only 250 authentic "friends of the Union" reside in Richmond, they argue, all willing to vote for black suffrage. Jefferson Davis's trial continues and Judge Underwood finds him guilty of treason. The nation contemplates if Davis should be placed on parole or bail.


June 8-16, 1866


Brooke Beam