The Passing of Robert E. Lee, October 9-15, 1870

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The Passing of Robert E. Lee, October 9-15, 1870


Morale crushing news has made its way to the residents of Richmond, as General Robert E. Lee has died. This news comes at no worse time, in the wake of a flood that just ravaged the city. Citizens, both black and white, are now left to pick up the shambles of their city all while mourning the loss of "the state's most beloved son." In his honor, all business has been recommended to shut down work for the day. Services are being held to allow the entire community to collectively more the loss of its General. Even so soon as a few short days after his passing, rumblings have been heard of a monument being built to memorialize him and his accomplishments. Despite all of the hardship that the city and its people are enduring, the wound opened by General Lee's death with soon heal, allowing everything to return back to normalcy.


October 9-15, 1870


Travis Terry