Perjury, October 16-22, 1870

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Perjury, October 16-22, 1870


In the wake of General Robert E. Lee's death, amidst many ceremonies and speeches in his honor, a new problem arises. This problem threatens to tarnish the legacy of General Lee, and its name is perjury. The accusation of perjury by the government and the North comes as a not only a shock to the south, but a showing of disrespect toward General Lee. The idea of perjury, however, is one that many white southerners refuse to accept. The accusation of perjury is counter by the mere question, "how can one man in the south be accused of perjury, when countess citizens of the north have opposed the constitution and vouched for it to be changed, but are not considered perjurers?" While within the United State, the fight for the General's honor may be limited to those in the south, they do have support from those oversees. All the way from London, support comes to the south in the form of defending General Lee's honor.


October 16-22, 1870


Travis Terry