Intimidation or Concern? October 23-31, 1870

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Intimidation or Concern? October 23-31, 1870


As elections are quickly approaching, one thing begins to creep its way into the minds of not only the citizens of Richmond, but also those of the entire south. President Grant has decided to send in soldier to all voting sites in the south, in order to keep the peace. Regardless of his words, many white southerners are uneasy about his true intentions, with many thinking it is nothing more than an attempt by the north and the Radicals to intimidate voters and rig the votes in their favor. Interestingly enough, this move comes after an article was released which takes aim at the deceitful tactics used by Radicals in order to get votes out of African-Americans. After this move, white southerners are left with one question - What will the Radicals and the Government do next?


October 23-31, 1870


Travis Terry