A Conservative Victory, November 6-12, 1870

Dublin Core


A Conservative Victory, November 6-12, 1870


The polls are in, and the city has spoken. The conservatives have resoundingly won in the polls. The conservative mayoral candidate, Mr. Keiley, as well as ten other conservatives can claim a victory in the elections. What this means for the city, no one knows just yet. While the Conservatives are rejoicing in their successes, Radicals are both surprised and outraged. All of the effort that the Radicals and the government exerted - sending the army down on election day, stationing soldiers at the ballot locations to "keep the peace" - has failed. In the wake of their victory in the polls, the Conservatives have but one thing on their minds: continuing the push back against the Radicals. The Conservatives seem to think that all signs are pointing their way toward completely taking back the power from the Radicals. With their wins in the polls, all they need to do now is to take the congressional candidate.


November 6-12, 1870


Travis Terry