A War Reignited, December 1-10, 1870

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A War Reignited, December 1-10, 1870


Only a few short weeks ago, the Conservatives of Richmond called an end to the war between the parties, an end to quarrelling with the federal government. Only a few short weeks after their declaration, it's clear that an end is not yet in sight. On many occasions the Conservatives of The Daily Dispatch attack the Radical party. In one instance, an attack is aimed at the Radicals for the apparent treachery and deceit they utilize in order to gain power. In another, a Conservative judge falls victim to "an act of Radical persecution," after the judge was accused of changing the ballot boxes during the elections. If there is ever to be peace between these two parties, it can only start when the war between them truly ends.


December 1-10, 1870


Travis Terry