Conservative or Democrat? December 25-31, 1870

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Conservative or Democrat? December 25-31, 1870


What does it mean to call oneself a "Conservative"? To many, it means to be anyone who apposes the Radical Republicanism. The party title of "Conservative", however, seemingly does not mean very much. In fact, it means so little to some (particularly to those who still consider themselves to be Democrats) that they wish the name to be changed. As one issue of The Daily Dispatch puts it, those who wish to change the name of the party to "Democrat" only want to do so in order to make their way into office by way of calling themselves democrats. To those who truly embody what the Conservatives built their party around - the mutual dislike of the Radicals - it is understood that a change in name at this time may "result in splitting the Conservative party in twain". What is to become of the Conservative party, and its title, at the time is unknown to all, but a division over what it should be called it evident.


December 25-31, 1870


Travis Terry