This Week in Reconstruction, February 8-14, 1871

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This Week in Reconstruction, February 8-14, 1871


Even though Virginia is becoming gradually ingrained into the national system, the state still clashes with officials from the North, as well as Radicals in the South. This divide is the final challenge from a smooth unification back into the Union. This hostility has manifested itself in the way the Dispatch comments on Northerners and Virginian Radicals, including calling the Virginian Radicals overbearing and unnecessary, as well as complaining that they are conversing too much with Grant, who does not like them and wants them to leave Washington. The Dispatch is also ignorant to the visible racial discrimination that is occurring in Richmond and the state overall, and blames the North for discrimination. A Senator is pushing for African American Legislative officers, which the Dispatch believes is extremely absurd. The Dispatch says that this senator is overstepping his position and that President Grant "doesn't love the colored people-he is tired of them."


February 8-14, 1871


Megan Wiora